The Old Master Q comic creator passed away on New Years day

The creator of the ‘Lao Fu Zi’ or ‘Old Master Q’ comic series, Alfonso Wong, has died.

Born in Tianjin, China, Alfonso Wong was a popular Hong Kong manhua artist. Wong moved to Hong Kong in 1956 and began creating his masterpieces in the 60s using his eldest son’s name, Wong Chak. Old Master Q was one of the longest running comic strips.

The legendary artist reportedly died of natural causes. Apple Daily reports that Wong was 93 whilst NetEase reports his age to be 92.

Wong famously said,”My life is like comic strips, and I do my best to make Old Master Q, that is myself, to play the fool and entertain readers.”

The Old Master Q character was as a mischievous elderly man who wore traditional attire. Other characters included Big Potato, Mr Chin and Miss Chan.