The new South Island Line transports 170,000 passengers per day

Hong Kong’s latest addition to the MTR, the South Island Line, features one of the world’s first fully autonomous trains.

The $2.18 billion South Island Line transports 170,000 passengers 4.3 miles every day.

The 10 three-car train that stops at four stations was manufactured by CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicles in Hong Kong.

Although Hongkongers had to wait nine years for the line to open, travelers will now be grateful for their shorter commute time.  The 11-minute trip replaces a 45-minute bus ride with trains arriving every 3.6 minutes.

Because of this addition to the MTR, rail services now reach all 18 districts of Hong Kong.

CityLab reports that autonomous trains are hugely beneficial to public transit systems. Driverless train lines are able to transport more riders whilst saving cities money and are more likely to be on-time. Autonomous trains also eliminate human error which is often blamed for crashes.

In the US, autonomous trains are yet to catch on despite their clear benefits. However, monorails and airport transits in the US already feature autonomous rail travel.

Later this year Honolulu will be the first in the US to introduce a fully automated transit system. The 20mile elevated rail project is the most ambitious rail project to face the US.