"26 questions Asians have for white people, all of them are just ridiculous"

Asian YouTuber Chris Warski has slammed Buzzfeed’s ’26 Questions Asians Have For White People’ video.

In a goggle-box style clip, Warski is seen watching the Buzzfeed video, sharing his outraged reaction.

The 26 questions asked by Asian people cover media, culture and language. As the video goes on, Warski is seen to get increasingly irate about the questions put forward by his fellow Asians.

When one Buzzfeed Asian asks, “Why do you think every Asian person is Chinese? That’s like me saying to a white person, hey you’re English!” Warski responds, “Can you blame them? I don’t think that at all! Can you blame them for saying one of Asia’s biggest countries in the world? We look alike!”

In essence, Warski attempts to answer the questions put forward by the Buzzfeed Asians. Some of the dialogue can be seen below:

Buzzfeed Asian: Why are the awkward nerd characters the only roles available for Asians in film?

Warski: Because it’s a good fit! That’s it. You could cast a white guy but it wouldn’t be as funny. Asian people are nerdy anyway, so what does it matter?

Buzzfeed Asian: Why are all of you talking about our penises?

Warski: Because we have small penises! Not all, but the majority of them have small penises so there’s going to be a joke… What a dumb question.

Buzzfeed Asian: Why can’t Asians be the stars of movies?

Warski: What kind of dumb question is this? Donnie Yen, Jackie chan? This is the dumbest fucking video.

Buzzfeed Asian: Why do you cast white people in roles that are meant for Asian people? I’m not going to forget Emma Stone.

Warski: So you want an Asian to play an Asian role and you want everybody to have equality and whatnot, but the minute you put a white person in an Asian role, that’s racism?!

Buzzfeed Asian: Why do you think saying Ni Hao is a good thing to say to us?

Warski: Someone who says Ni Hao is saying let’s have a conversation! I learned this let’s go. Someone is trying to talk to you in your own language and you won’t do it!

Buzzfeed Asian: Why do you think I eat dogs?

Warski: Because we eat dogs! I’m against that but it’s going to happen. The joke’s based off something, why do you have to get offended? Tell everyone else to stop eating dog!

Buzfeed Asian: Why do you think all Asians are smart?

Warski: Believe me, not all Asian people are smart. You are a fucking idiot!

His angry video isn’t the first time he’s expressed his frustrations at his fellow Asians. In a video entitled Ask a Real Asian feat. Chris Warski, the YouTuber provides an alternative Asian to that of Buzzfeed’s.