The singer, Enkh-Erdene Otgonbat, nailed George Strait's Amarillo By Morning

An extremely talented contestant blew audiences away with his beautiful cover of George Strait’s country song ‘Amarillo By Morning’ on Mongolia’s Got Talent.

The Mongolian contestant is a college student studying the use of electrical equipment for mining. “If you can enjoy what you’re doing, that’s the greatest profession,” Otgonbat said just before his audition.

“Whenever I’ve got spare time I like to sing and attempt to play that song’s melody on my guitar.”

Despite his casual appearance and fairly shy demeanor, Otgonbat earned an early cheer and applause after he warmly sang the first line of the song.

After his flawless performance, a panel judge asked if he had ever thought of being a star. The ¬†Mongolian singer responded, “Yes I have but my parents advised me not to pursue a career in singing because it’s really difficult to be u successful at.”

One judge commented, “I can clearly see that you’re someone who is very talented”, whilst another simply said, “excellent. Oustanding.”

Of course, the country singer was rewarded with four ‘yes’s.