The UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and martial arts star has discussed world disasters

Jackie Chan has discussed responding to international disasters, saying he wants to be a superhero to help the world.

The UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador expressed his frustrations, saying he wishes he could be a Superman, Spiderman or Ironman to “help the world”.

In the short interview, the martial arts star discussed AIDS amongst children, saying “it’s not the children’s fault, sometimes it’s the parents, sometimes in the area, sometimes it’s the situation. They’ve done nothing wrong. If we abandon them, they’re just helpless.”

Chan added that when UNICEF called him up, he went to hug the children to “let them know HIV is not that scary.”

The Rush Hour star said he asked his friend if it was possible to help half a million people, to which his friend advised to just concentrate on a few first. Chan adds, “I go there and help one or two people. If everybody just helps one person… we have seven people [in the world].”