The K-pop group also released music videos for 'Fxxk It' and 'Last Dance'

K-pop group BIGBANG has released their third Korean studio album and fifth Japanese studio album, MADE.

The album was provisionally released on 3 February 2016 in Japan under the name Made Series. The Japanese album included eight original singles as well as Japanese versions of ‘Loser’, ‘Bang Bang Bang’ and ‘If You’.

The full album, entitled MADE, was released today, 12 December 2016 and marks the K-pop group’s first comeback following a 3 year hiatus and their first Korean studio album in eight years.

A music video for ‘Last Dance’, which features on the album was dropped a few days prior to MADE’s release. Along with the album’s release, a music video for ‘Fxxk It’ was also released.

MADE’s full tracklist is as follows.

1. ‘Fxxk It’ (에라 모르겠다; era moreugedda)
2. ‘Last Dance’
3. ‘Girlfriend’
4. ‘Let’s Not Fall In Love’ (우리 사랑하지 말아요; uri saranghaji marayo)
5. ‘Loser’
6. ‘Bae Bae’
7. ‘Bang Bang Bang’ (뱅뱅뱅; bang bang bang)
8. ‘Sober’ (맨정신; maenjeongsin)
9. ‘If You’
10. ‘Zutter (GD&T.O.P)’ (쩔어; jjeoreo, meaning “dope”)
11. ‘We Like 2 Party’

As well as dropping their album this year, BIGBANG had an exciting 2016. In August, the group was chosen as ‘creative icons’ for South Korea’s new Creative Korea slogan, whilst their film, BIGBANG Made was viewed over 10 million times within 18 hours in China.

The band also became the first Korean act to feature in Forbes‘ world’s highest paid celebrities 2016.