Japanese company On-Art Corp plans to build the world's first dinosaur theme park

A ‘real-life’ Jurassic Park might be coming to Japan very soon.

Japanese company On-Art Corp recently debuted three ‘dino-bots’ including a T-Rex. Whilst these dinosaurs are robotically operated, their real-life movements and features are realisitc enough to terrifying even the most seasoned Jurassic Park fan.

The ‘dino-bots’ are made out of cutting edge carbon fibre and polymer technology. As well as a life-size T.Rex, the company also debuted an Allosaur and a Raptor. In the presentation, the dinsoaurs were seen thumping around the stage, roaring loudly and simulating eating staff members.

On-Art’s CEO Kazuya Kanemaru plans to construct the world’s first dinosaur theme park with his robotic dinosaurs, which sounds all too familiar…

Fortunately, even if these robotic dinos do escape, they aren’t programmed to hunger for human flesh.