"You’ll laugh so much, you’ll get abs”

British East Asian film makers are crowdfunding to turn their latest film, The Real Target, into reality.

The Real Target is an action=paced martial-arts-comedy that boasts an internationally diverse cast, as well as martial arts champions to fearless stunt performers. Written by the Kung Fu Couple, David Cheung and Yolanda Lynes, the cast’s collective repertoire includes Wonder Woman, Justice League, Doctor Strange and Now You See Me 2. British Taekwondo Silver Medallist, Jing Lang and Team GB’s Wushu Gold Medallist, Steve Coleman will also star.

Inspired by true events, The Real Target tries to expose the truth by exploring the corrupt government underground, conspiracy theories, current affairs.

Master Wong, an internationally renowned martial artist and YouTube sensation, will make his feature film debut in The Real Target as the legendary ‘Kung Fu Master’. “This film is bursting with action; weapons, fighting, explosions, stunts. You’ll laugh so much, you’ll get abs,” Wong said.


“Girl Power is definitely to be expected; The Real Target aspires to break the common stereotypes portrayed in film, starring strong, female, bad-ass assassins, promoting gender equality,” said writer Yolanda Lynes.

Starring: David Cheung, Yolanda Lynes, Master Wong, Jing Lang, Armeena Khan, Yennis Cheung, Wayne Gordon, Bruce Chong, Phoebe Robinson-Galvin, Samuel Ericsson, Logan Wong, Naomi Willow, Chelsea Li, Steve Coleman, Shiraz Yasin, Xue Zhang, Manny Donaldson, Adrian Bronin and Isky Fay.

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