"Is it true Asian women have slanted vaginas?"

Asian Americans have responded after New York Times editor Michael Luo was told to “go back to China” as part of the #ThisIs2016 campaign.

In a video created by The Times, Asian Americans discuss their views on Luo’s incident, sharing their own stories.

Whilst Luo was in New York with his family, a lady yelled, “go back to China. Go back to your fucking country. This is 2016.” Luo wrote an open letter to the lady on the New York Times website, asking people to share their own experiences of racial prejudice, using the hashtag #ThisIs2016.

The video shows a variety of Asian Americans telling their encounter with racial discrimination.

Actor Raymond J Lee said he was once asked, “when did you move to this country? Your accent is almost perfect.” Social Media Editor Tim Lau said his history teacher asked in class, “is your Chinese name Ching Chang Wong? I heard all Chinese names sound like that.”

The video goes on to show a number of Asian Americans telling their stories including incidents involving egg rolls, peripheral vision, chinks and even slanted vaginas.