The 8,000-mile fibre-optic cable will have a bandwidth of 120 terabits a second

Google and Facebook are working together to build a super high-speed cable between Hong Kong and Los Angeles.

The internet giants are planning to lay a cable between the two cities that extends to almost 8000 miles.

Google claims that fibre-optic cable will have a bandwidth of 120 terabits a second, which makes it the highest-capacity route between US and Asia – double that of the current record.

The new cable will offer a faster and more reliable service to Hong Kong. The companies are predicted to retain a certain chunk of the cable’s total capacity and lease out the remaining space to others. However, specific details have not been released.

Undersea cables are increasingly being built in partnership with big tech companies. Google and Facebook both have large amounts of data being sent on their own servers, which is why both would want a stake in the connections.

Facebook recently partnered with Microsoft to build an even faster cable across the Atlantic. The Google-Facebook partnership will be the sixth cable it will take ownership in.

The new cable is being called the Pacific Light Cable Network and is expected to be completed and running sometime in 2018.