Featuring 'Resonating Trees' and 'Resonating Spheres'

Kyoto’s ancient sanctuary, Shimogamo Shrine, and its neighbouring forest have been brilliantly illuminated by two beautiful and interactive light displays.

The project was created by Japanese creatives Teamlab.

The pathway leading up to the historic site is illuminated by animated trees called ‘Resonating Trees’. Further down, visitors will find the second exhibition comprising of giant interactive light orbs called ‘Resonating Spheres’ that hum music in response to the visitors’ touches.

Teamlab describe the spheres of light floating in the space within the Sakura Gate as moving “on their own, shining brightly, then disappearing—as if they are softly breathing.”

When these light spheres are touched or sense impact, their colour changes and “emit a musical tone unique to their new colour.”

“They can also resonate with the spheres around them, changing to the same colour and emitting the same tone, creating a chain reaction.”

As a result, music and light surrounding the Sakura Gate of the shrine are constantly changing with the motion of participants. The result is a peaceful and harmonious radiance throughout the sanctuary.




The forest itself hums and fades into a dazzle of shimmering light and colours, triggered by the visitors’ presence. The gentle and ethereal light signifies prayer and meditation, with colours ranging across the spectrum.

“The light from the trees resonates with that of the trees along the walkway beyond Sakura Gate; they, too, will change colour and emit tones.”

Both the spheres and trees resonate with each other too.

Teamlab’s project is truly remarkable, immersing visitors in the serene and tranquil ambience of the magical atmosphere, without disturbing the sanctity of the shrine.