The American student from Ohio won South Korea's singing competition,I Can See Your Voice

A US exchange student won South Korea’s TV singing competition I Can See Your Voice, by singing perfectly in Korean.

American exchange student Joseph Busto won the hearts of South Korean viewers and judges on the American-idol-esque show, after delivering an incredible singing performance, which was equally musically faultless as it was linguistically faultless.

South Korea’s I Can See Your Voice offers talented singers a platform to showcase their talents for a chance at stardom.

Busto’s choice of song, ‘As We Live’ by SG Wannabe wasn’t exactly a walk in the park either.

Reddit user RedYourDead wrote, “Korean here, this song is incredibly difficult to sing accurately and he does it really well. He has a slight American accent when he does sing but this is amazing.”

Fans have suggested that the song explores the grief and pain associated to one of the bandmate’s suicide, thus making the song a risky but emotional number for Busto to have chosen. Fortunately, Busto’s rendition seems to have earned the fans’ approval.

Redditor 3khnng said that Busto’s performance shows that “he not only understands the music he is singing but also has enough cultural understanding to pay homage to the highly respected and endeared artist.”

Here’s SG Wannabe’s original: