"Ugh my mom wants me to get married"

Youtubers Mamahuhu have released a new video, showing their interpretations of Chinese and western first dates.

Since its release, the video has racked up over 20,000 views.

The video shows how westerners approach the first date, whilst overlaying how Chinese people approach the first date.

The video begins with “finding someone”, in which a pair of western boys are complaining about Tinder, whilst a pair of Chinese boys profess their love for the dating app.

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The next scene is entitled “internet stalking”, where two western boys and two western girls are commenting on their counterparts’ appearance. Meanwhile, two Chinese girls are commenting on the date’s job and car, whilst the Chinese boys are commenting on their appearances.

Next up is “getting ready” – whilst the western boy is giving him a prep talk, the girls are dolling themselves up. Meanwhile, the Chinese boy is ‘pre-gaming’.

The video continues, showing “date night”, “small talk”, “drinks”, “kiss goodnight”, “later…” and “next morning”.

Whilst the short video is obviously based on stereotypes, its light hearted nature and certain degree of accuracy and relatability will undoubtedly put a smile your face.