A fine example of the importance of spacing

UKIP party banners have left people in Malaysia and the Philippines in hysterics after its poorly spaced lettering spelled out the Malay and Filipino word for vagina.

It’s almost been two weeks since the UK voted to leave the EU and tensions surrounding the issue have only intensified, with leave politicians resigning and many disappointed remain voters calling for a second referendum.

However, in Malaysia and the Philippines, people have found a reason to laugh. In a recent UKIP press conference, led by recently resigned leader Nigel Farage, banners placed across the wall inadvertently spelt ‘PUKI’, which is an offensive Malay term for a woman’s private parts. With “I’m voting” written above the endless stream of “UKIP”s, the poster could be read as “I’m voting PUKI”. The picture went viral across social media platforms in Malaysia, triggering the hashtag #BrexitMyPUKI.

“We checked on Google Translate and they’re correct (and the translation from Malay is ruder – we’ll leave you to search that one),” the Independent reported.

Filipinos also found the photo funny as ‘puki’ also means vagina in their national language of Tagalog, whilst the word for ‘fart’ in Hungarian and Polish also happens to be ‘puki’.

To top it all off, Farage sounds a lot like the Malay word ‘faraj’, which incidentally, also means vagina.