Police have not ruled out that the attack may be gang-related

A man was shot dead near a shopping centre in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

CCTV video footage shows two motorcycles driving up to a sedan at the traffic light junction near Setapak Central mall. In total, there were four people on the motorbikes, but only two got down from the motorbikes to walk up to the car.

One fired a shot into the driver’s seat, where it is believed the victim was sitting, whilst the other fired shots into the passenger side of the car. The assailants then fled the scene using a side road.

Police have not publicly identified the victim, but it is believed that he was a moneylender and a father of three.

Rusi Mohd Isa, City Criminal Investigation Department senior assistant commissioner said that the police were “looking at all possibilities, including that (the incident) is gang-related”. Isa also said that the victim did not have a criminal record, but was arrested once in 2014.