A wild tornado has ripped through the China’s Hainan province, causing severe destruction to the local area.

The vicious tornado that struck Wenchang in Hainan has killed at least one person, leaving 11 others with injuries.

According to the People’s Daily Online, the tornado destroyed 178 properties and displaced 749 people.

Footage taken from the island shows the moment when the skies turned a darkened grey as the tornado began spiralling out of control.

The local government has arranged for tents as well as food and water for those affected by the tornado.

One villager named Han Chuan told the People’s Daily, “When the tornado hit, my father was in the house yelling. I do not know what happened. When I rushed to him, I saw the roof had been ripped off and my dad managed to get away by squatting in the doorway.’

Another villager named Lin Yamei described as his neighbour’s house fell to pieces instantly, saying, “after the house collapsed, two children along with their grandmother were buried in the rubble. The fire brigade arrived in time to get them out and take them to hospital.”