Cordell M. Goosby reportedly exhibited signs of a mental health crisis

A man has been charged with first-degree murder for shooting and killing a pregnant restaurant owner, Eina Kwon, in downtown Seattle.

Cordell M. Goosby, who was reportedly exhibiting signs of a mental health crisis, approached the car occupied by Eina Kwon and her husband and started firing a stolen gun without provocation.

Eina Kwon was eight months pregnant. Kwon was killed and the fetus died soon after an emergency delivery. Her husband was also injured.

The King County Prosecutor’s Office is reviewing medical records to determine if a murder charge can be brought for the baby’s death. Goosby is also charged with attempted murder for the attack on Sung Kwon, Eina’s husband.

Goosby claimed to have a history of mental health care and said he was being harassed by strangers. He surrendered to the police and expressed that he was responsible for the shooting. Goosby had no criminal history in Washington State but had previous felony convictions in Illinois. The gun used in the shooting was reported stolen.

Eina Kwon was known as a leader in the community and a business owner. The incident has sparked grief and support for the Kwon family, with a crowdfunding campaign raising funds to support them. The shooting highlights the issue of gun violence and mental health crisis response in the city of Seattle.

A gathering of over 100 people took place on Sunday at Fourth Avenue and Lenora Street in Seattle to mourn the fatal shooting of Eina Kwon and her unborn baby. The crowd marched to the restaurant owned by Kwon and her husband, expressing anger and helplessness.

The rally aimed to highlight the lack of safety and rise in violence against Asian Americans. The event also served as a platform for frustration regarding crime, homelessness, and the perceived failure of elected officials to protect Asian Americans.

The Kwons were known for their community involvement, despite their cultural emphasis on privacy. The incident reignited concerns about crime and safety in Seattle. The funeral service for Eina Kwon is scheduled, and a suspect has been charged with first-degree murder and attempted murder. The prosecutor’s office is reviewing medical records to determine if murder charges can be brought for the death of the baby.