“You don’t belong here”

An American University graduate has been expelled after being arrested for attacking a gay Asian man and his family.

In August, we reported that Sean Lai and his parents was walking through Washington DC’s Observatory Circle neighbourhood when they encountered Patrick Joseph Miller Trebat.

Trebat, 38, reportedly called Lai a “faggot” and shouted “you are not Americans” him and his family before telling them, “you don’t belong here.”

“Get out of my country,” he also reportedly said.

He then punched Lai’s 64-year-old father with a closed fit in the back of the head”, causing him to fall to the ground. Trebat also pushed Lai’s 61-year-old mother to the ground.

Lai attempted to intervene but engaged in a “physical struggle” with Trebat.

All three victims were taken to hospital with non life threatening injuries but Lai’s father suffered a broken wrist. His mother suffered arm pain, and Lai himself had a fractured finger.

Trebet was arrested by DC police on 7 August for the attack, which occurred two days after he had been released from jail. He was charged with one count of felony assault, two counts of simple assault and one count of destruction of property for allegedly assaulting and injuring Lai.

Now, the American University has said Trebet “is no longer affiliated with the university and will not be allowed on campus.”

Trebet had been taking a night class at the university’s Kogod School of Business.

In other news, a man was caught on camera spewing racist hate at an Asian man in a parking lot in El Monte, California.