Can't fly to Tokyo this summer? Let Tokyo fly to you

Travel to Japan not be on the cards this summer, but TokyoTreat will deliver authentic Japanese snacks and drinks right to your doorstep.

This month, TokyoTreat is taking a tropical twist to their snack selection, inspired by a summery trip to the rising sun.

Sumomo Plum Fanta, Mango Kit Kats and Coconut Pocky are among the many tropical snacks on offer this month.

In the Premium Box kindly gifted to the Resonate team, 17 uniquely Japanese snacks were delivered. From sweet to savoury to spicy, there was certainly something flavourful for everyone in the snack box.

We were particularly impressed by how the snacks were packaged, arranged and presented in the box.

Simply seeing the snacks gleaming at you upon opening the box will leave you with a gleaming smile, as well as hungry stomach.

Pricing starts at $22.50 per month for 12 months for the classic 12-item service whilst the premium service is priced at $31.50 per month for 12 months.

A different theme is offered each month and we cannot wait to see what’s to come next month!