"Karma has a sense of humor"

George Takei has called out Ted Nugent for his “racist video rant.”

Nugent had announced on social media that he contracted Coronavirus. In a Facebook Live video, the 72-year-old singer made the announcement on Monday.

“Everybody told me I should not announce this,” he said in the vide. “I have had flu symptoms for the last 10 days. … I thought I was dying, just a clusterfuck.”

“I was tested positive today. I got the Chinese shit. … I got a stuffed-up head, body aches, my God, what a pain in the ass. I literally could hardly crawl out of bed the last few days, but I did, I crawled. … So I was officially tested positive for Covid-19 today.”

On Twitter, Takei criticised Nugent and called him out as a racist and conspiracy theorist.

“Ted Nugent, a long Covid-19 denier and conspiracy theorist, has come down with a bad case of it, calling it the ‘Chinese sh*t’ in a racist video rant,” the Star Trek actor tweeted on Tuesday. “But maybe it’s not even Covid. I’m thinking it’s just Cat Scratch Fever. Yes, karma has a sense of humor.”

‘Cat Scratch Fever’ is the title of a 1977 Nugent song and album.

In other film news, Kim’s Convenience star Simu Liu has been targeted by Nicki Minaj fans just hours after the trailer for Shang-Chi was released for “anti-blackness”.