"I know the Prime Minister has to be diplomatic but this is a step too far"

Boris Johnson’s Chinese New Year message has drawn racist hate comments.

The British Prime Minister released a short video of himself wishing everyone a happy Lunar New Year on Facebook.

“I want to send my best wishes to everyone, celebrating Chinese New Year,” Johnson said before thanking the British Chinese community.

“This weekend and to say a huge thank you to our British Chinese community for the incredible contribution, you make to our country consistently achieving so much in everything from education to business.”

“Unfortunately this Year celebrations can’t include usual dragon dances and other fantastic festivities, because of our battle against COVID. But I hope all of us can take heart from this year of the ox. And just as that mighty beast demonstrates strength and determination, as it forges ahead make progress.”

“So today, I believe we will win our struggle against the pandemic. And as we look ahead to the new Chinese year, We know we have many shared challenges with the Chinese people from, defeating COVID-19 to tackling climate change and supporting a worldwide economic recovery. I wish you and all those celebrating across the globe a happy and prosperous Lunar New Year coming.”

However, social media users were not impressed by the British PM’s message, with many using the opportunity to vent their anti-China hate.

“I think the thousands flying back from Chinese New Year in 2020 were the reason it got so bad here,” said Facebook user Norah Smith. China banned international travel in January 2020 in response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

“I do not wish them a happy new year,” Smith nonetheless continued. “I know the Prime Minister has to be diplomatic but this is a step too far.”

Mel Gough Mitchell commented, “China went ahead with celebrations this time last year when they knew they had a virus and now look where we all are!”

“Human and animal rights spring to mind. Why wish them happy new year what a load of crap,” Daniel Hill commented.

Ann Durkin expressed adoration for the British PM but rejected the Lunar New Year celebrations. “Love you Boris,” she wrote, “but wishing China a happy new year?? I think not.”

Al Burton simply wrote, “Happy New Variant more like.”

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