'The Farewell' director's new film is inspired by a popular Chinese folktale

Lulu Wang has released a short film titled Nian for Chinese New Year that was shot entirely on an iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Working with Apple, The Farewell director has put her creative twist on a popular Chinese folktale of the same name.

Nian tells the story of a young girl’s determination to find the feared beast ‘Nian’. Upon encountering him, the young girl is struck by the warmth of the beast and the two develop a beautiful friendship.

Using Apple’s flagship smartphone, the team behind the film utilized iPhone 12 Pro Max’s Dolby Vision, low-light, ultra-wide lens, telephoto lens, stabilization and time-lapse features.

“It’s really exciting that we have this opportunity to retell this ancient story, to capture these incredibly cinematic images with the iPhone, this very versatile device,” Wang said in a behind-the-scenes feature accompanying the film.

“As a child, my parents wanted me to go further than they have ever gone. And yet there’s also this fear that I was going into the unknown, and so I wanted to bring that theme into this film.”

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