The Korean Canadian actor will discuss how perceptions change expectations

Kim’s Convenience star Paul Sun-Hyung Lee will speak at TEDxToronto.

As part of its Winter digital event series Uncharted, TEDxToronto is hosting 8 speakers who will discuss an array of pertinent issues.

Described as a “cutting-edge live event platform”, the TEDxToronto format offers innovative and interactive virtual experiences which put community-building first.

Speakers will present on two dates – 4 February and 4 March, with Lee speaking on the former.

“Our first speaker slate explored deep themes such as issues in our food and childcare systems, how to become a better ally and live an authentic life, humanizing AI and economics, and the effects of COVID-19 on our communities and globally,” co-hosts Gillian Cameron and Kapil Khimdas explain.

“Our next group of speakers – made up of some of our community’s brightest change-makers – will continue the essential discussion around how we can continue to navigate the Uncharted waters we all find ourselves in.”

As well as Lee, other 4 February speakers include Phil De Luna (Clean Energy Innovator), Lydia-Joi Marshall (Researcher & Health Equity Champion) and Chenny Xia (Entrepreneur & Experience Designer)

Jason van Bruggen (Filmmaker & Photographer), Gillian Hadfield (Professor of Law & Strategic Management) and Ryan DeCaire (Mohawk Language Learner and Teacher) will speak on 4 March.

Tickets for the event are now available through the event’s website. Individual tickets are $15 whilst season passes are $25. A limited number of student and subsidized tickets are available too, supported by a Pay TEDx Forward program that the organization is launching this year.

Proceeds from ticket sales go towards helping fund TEDxToronto’s 100% volunteer-run work in the GTHA community.

Speaking to Resonate about the event, Lee said he discuss how perceptions change their expectations of you.

“People see me, and they see Appa from Kim’s Convenience,” Lee explained. “And so a lot of people want to hear me speak in my real voice and they’re like ‘oh my god, I can’t believe he doesn’t speak with a Korean accent’. ”

“They don’t see Paul Sun-Hyung Lee the actor they see Appa, in another show,” he continued. “I mean it’s a wonderful problem to have. Because it means that people identify with the character that I play, but it becomes this whole thing.”

“I’m a big sci fi fan, and they were trying to get me other sci-fi shows like The Expanse and somebody tweeted, ‘he should have a convenience store in that galaxy!’,” the Mandalorian actor said. “It’s like ‘what why do I have to run a convenience store in everything I do?!'”

The Korean Canadian actor will also discuss about his family’s journey to Canada and “the roles that they were allowed to play because of their expectations”.

“That just goes hand in hand with with me becoming an actor, and only having certain roles available to me because writers, directors, producers, only saw me as being able to play Asian parts,” he explained. “And then having to play that game for a while to finally be able to play the parts that I kind of want to play.”

TEDxToronto Uncharted takes place at 7 PM on 4 February and 4 March 2021. Buy tickets here.

In related news, Kim’s Convenience season 5 began airing last week.