Breathonix is a National University of Singapore start-up

Singapore has developed a breathalyser test that can detect Coronavirus in under a minute.

Breathonix, a start-up from the National University of Singapore, achieved over 90% accuracy in its pilot clinical trial of 180 people.

The company now hopes to achieve regulatory approval early next year to roll out their breathalyser.

Costing only US$20, the test would be 70% cheaper than the polymerase chain reaction nasal swab tests that other countries are using.

Disposable mouthpieces are used on the device to prevent cross contamination.

Patients blow into the device, which analyses their breath to determine if they are Coronavirus positive. Within 60 seconds, the results are revealed by a computer.

“The breath test is more like a first level screen device,” said Jia Zhunan, co-founder and CEO of Breathonix.

Jia added that the Breathonix test could be used at events with high footfall including sports, conferences and concerts.

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