"Apparently she put forth a bill regarding some sort of anti-Asian sentiment baloney"

Congresswoman Grace Meng has received a flurry of racist voicemails after sponsoring a resolution that condemned anti-Asian Coronavirus racism

Last week, the US House of Representatives has passed the resolution 243-164, backed heavily by Democrats. All 164 ‘no’ votes were Republicans.

Stop AAPI Hate received 2,583 reports of anti-Asian discrimination nationwide over the last five months.

On Twitter, Meng posted a video compiling a number of racist voicemails she received since the resolution passed.

Last week my resolution condemning anti-Asian sentiment passed the House,” she tweeted.

“After that, I got many racist voicemails saying the very things we collectively condemned. 164 Republicans voted against #HRes908 & couldn’t condemn this hate. Words & actions have consequences. #COVID19

The first caller in the video is heard saying, “good afternoon, this is a message for Congresswoman Grace Meng. Apparently she put forth a bill regarding some sort of anti-Asian sentiment baloney.”

“You look like the Chinese virus you fat slob or maybe kung flu or maybe Wuhan,” said a female caller.

“I’m calling about the karate kid virus or the kung flu virus,” said another caller.

One person just called her a “dumbass motherfucker” whilst another repeatedly said “Chinese fucking virus.”

Mengt then included a clip of Trump calling Covid-19 ‘kung-flu’.

Although Trump has since stated that the virus is “not the fault of Asian Americans”, he came under fire for repeatedly referring to the virus as “Chinese”.

Closing the video, Meng added the message “anti-Asian hysteria and discrimination must end. I hope with the passage of my resolution, H.Res.908, our nation will work toward that goal.”

In other news, Trump declined to denounce white supremacy in the first Presidential debate whilst calling out for far-right group The Proud Boys.