"Go back to whatever fucking Asian country you belong in"

The racist woman who harassed Asians in Torrance has been arrested but was subsequently released on a $1 bail.

Last month Lena Hernandez was caught harassing an Asian woman who was exercising in a park in Torrance. “Get the fuck out of the state,” Hernandez said. “Go back to whatever fucking Asian country you belong in.”

Hernandez was also caught on camera in another incident involving an Asian American man who visited the park with his children on the same day.

She was not charged in either incident due to a lack of evidence according to the Torrance City Attorney’s Office.

However, Hernandez was charged with a misdemeanor battery charge relating to an earlier incident.

Hernandez was taken into custody after an arrest warrant for he was issued. She was then released on a $1 bail.

Over 800 hate incidents were reported by Asian Americans in California during the Coronavirus pandemic.

In related news, 31% of Asian Americans were subjected to Coronavirus racism amid the pandemic.