Lena Hernandez was involved in at least three racist incidents

Last week, it was reported that a woman was caught on camera racially abusing an Asian woman who was trying to exercise on the stairs of a California park.

“Get the fuck out of this world,” the woman said in Wilson Park, Torrance. “Get the fuck out of the state. Go back to whatever fucking Asian country you belong in.”

Police have since identified the perpetrator as 56-year-old Lena Hernandez of Long Beach.

Hernandez was also caught on camera in another incident involving an Asian American man who visited the park with his children on the same day.

Video footage showed Hernandez speaking to the man in a mock Asian accent telling him, “go home Chinaman”

“I am not a racist person. but you know what? You need to go home,” she says. “This is my country and this is from my government: Go home. Put that on your Facebook. You know what, you are nothing.”

Additionally, Hernandez is a suspect of verbal assault towards another woman in a local mall.

“This unfortunate incident involved an older female suspect verbally assaulting a custodian and then physically assaulting another individual who was acting as a good Samaritan when they attempted to intervene,” Torrance Police Chief Eve Berg said.

Police are investigating whether the woman is suffering from mental illness.

Torrance community members are working together to bring the woman to justice.

The group “South Bay Social” is organizing a workout session in the same park Friday morning.

“We are joining forces to show support for our South Bay neighbor who was verbally harassed with racial comments while working out in Wilson Park,” the grouyp stated.

Attendees are encouraged to wear black as the woman said to the Asian exerciser, “Who wears black in California sun? Are you an idiot?”

In other news, anti-Chinese flyers in Brooklyn are being replaced with anti-racism posters.

Well she asked to be posted on Facebook so let’s make this lady famous….

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Posted by Samantha Baker on Wednesday, 10 June 2020