“It’s essential that we elect Joe Biden as our next president"

Filipino American community leaders are encouraging Fil-Ams to vote for Presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden.

In a virtual meeting for ‘Filipino Americans For Biden’, over 200 people rallied together to push the campaign.

Participants of the meeting included Rep. Bobby Scott of Virginia and philanthropist Loida Nicolas Lewis.

“It’s essential that we elect Joe Biden as our next president,” Scott said, citing Biden’s past work in health care, education and immigration.

Scott encouraged others to vote to restore a Democratic majority in Cogress.

“But it is also important to elect others that will be on the ballot…We can take back the Senate,” he said.

Gina Ortiz-Jones emphasised the importance for people to involve their family in voting.

“I’m very concerned that if our voices are not at the table and if we are not making sure that we get all of our titas, lolas, manangs and manongs out to vote, then we will regret having had the chance to put our country back on the right track, understanding the importance of not only this country’s example, but also what it’s meant to each of us individually as Fil-Ams,” Ortiz-Jones said.

Ortiz-Jones went on to state that the US could end up mirroring the situation in the Philippines if the vote remains as it is.

“Given the number of blessings that this country has given us, we’ve certainly worked hard. But as we all see, frankly we’re watching what’s happening in the Philippines and Maria Ressa is unfortunately seeing firsthand what can happen in a country that doesn’t prize the importance of an independent free press. And unfortunately, seeing a corrupted judiciary, you just have to look at what’s happening there to see very quickly what could happen here. So we have to be there. It’s our responsibility.”

Philanthropist Lewis said that Fil-Ams “have to be part of that solution” by getting at least 20 people in their circle to vote for Biden.

“This is just the beginning of the Filipino Americans who are now finding their voice and standing up for justice and equality,” Lewis said.

“So please volunteer, all of you, and tell your friends. As Gina Ortiz-Jones says, get 20 more so that eventually we will reach 1 million Filipino Americans for Biden.”

Last week Biden was revealed to be seeking the support of Asian Americans after criticising the incumbent president for “xenophobia”.