The Kpop singers also listened to their track 'Coffee'

BTS stars Jimin and RM came together to make Dalgona Coffee together.

The iced coffee drink originating from South Korea has become a social media craze during the world’s Coronavirus lockdown.

Streaming live, the Kpop stars were seen making the making the drink from scratch.

Dalgona coffee’s recipe is: equal part sugar, instant coffee and warm water.The mixture is whisked until thick and is poured gently on milk.


The BTS boys were seen mixing the concoction, slowly realising how the difficultly lies in its consistency.

Adding to the theme, the pair listen and dance to the BTS song ‘Coffee’, which plays in the background.

Earlier this year a British who had plastic surgery to look like BTS star Jinmin, only to later marry a cardboard cutout of him.