"Give it a break with the racism"

New York hip hop group Beastie Boys have condemned Coronavirus racism towards Asians.

The ‘Intergalactic’ rappers posted an image on Facebook urging people to give racism a break.

“Give it a break with racism,” the post reads. “Being hateful towards people of Asian descent will not keep you safe from this Coronavirus.”

The image ends with “we’re all in this together.”

Posted by Beastie Boys on Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Although the group disbanded in 2014 after member MCA died of cancer, their legacy and online presence still lives on.

A film directed by Spike Jonze titled Beastie Boys Story that details their journey will be released via Apple TV+ on 24 April.

Beastie Boys were not the first American hip hop artist to defend Asian Americans during the pandemic.

Last month Wu-Tang Clan rapper RZA deplored “racial bigotry” towards Asians triggered by the Covid-19.

In related news, some Asian Americans are becoming first-time gun owners to protect themselves from Coronavirus-related attacks.