"You are uneducated, you are Chinese"

A video circulating social media shows two girls in London spewing Coronavirus racism at an Asian couple in London.

Uploaded by Darren Kane on YouTube, the video shows the two girls laughing and covering their faces before running away.

“You got corona mate,” one girl says.

“You are uneducated,” the other says. “You are Chinese.”

As the pair run off, one shouts, “wait here we are bringing people.”

“You’ve got corona, you smelly Chinese people,” one girl says before scurrying away laughing.

In the caption on YouTube, Kane explained that he was with his partner when the incident occurred.

“Today I was approached by two girls as I was having a stroll with my partner, they yelled out racial racism towards us since we both look Asian,” he wrote.

“It’s come to a point where I’m just afraid of going out, knowing I will receive this type of treatment. Please check out our twitter video and share, hopefully these girls can be found.”

On Twitter, Kane tagged the Metropolitan Police, suggesting the incident occurred in London.

Last week, Asian students in Southampton University were attacked by racist teenagers shouting “Chinese virus”.

In related news, ‘Kung Flu Fighting’ video parodies have been plaguing the internet.