“Parents are doing ‘telework’ and kids are doing ‘telegraduation'"

Soranews24 reports that students in Japan have organised their own graduation ceremony in Minecraft in response to their schools being shut due to Coronavirus.

Schools in Japan have been closed for over two weeks now due to the outbreak. For now, it is not clear when the schools will reopen. As a result, many students will miss their elementary school, middle school or high school graduation ceremonies.

However, some creative students have taken it upon themselves to host their own graduation ceremonies through the digital world of video game Minecraft.

Twitter user @backyennew shared an image of his elementary-school son and still of his Minecraft-graduation.

“‘We all decided to have a graduation ceremony together!” He tweeted in Japanese. “Oh? Awesome. The elementary students gathered to start graduation themselves.”

“They spent all day online together playing games and laughing. I’m glad they all had fun,” he wrote in another.

Japanese Twitter users responded well to the post with one person writing, “parents are doing ‘telework’ and kids are doing ‘telegraduation.’”

Another wrote, “I’m so jealous of what awesome things kids have these day.”

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One simply commented, “this will probably be an even better memory than a regular graduation for them.”