Mohammadin Ketapi said the show "was not Malaysian culture...the majority of Malaysians are Muslim"

BBC reports that Malaysian minister Mohammadin Ketapi has criticised a tattoo expo for being “obscene”.

Held in Malaysia’s capital, Kuala Lumpur, Tattoo Malaysia Expo 2019 took place from 29th November to 1 December. The event was first held in 2015.

Participants from 35 countries attended the event as well as fans of tattoo culture.

Ketapi, the minister for tourism, arts and culture, said the permit given to the expo did not allow the use of nudity at the event.

After images of half-naked participants went viral on social media, Ketapi called out the event, saying it “was not Malaysian culture…the majority of Malaysians are Muslim”.

“It is impossible for the ministry to approve of any programme that contains obscenity such as this,” Ketapi said in a statement.

The government plans to take “firm action” against the organisers following an investigation.

“We will wait for the full investigation report and will not hesitate to take legal action if they are found to have been in violation of set conditions,” Ketapi added.