"Fucking origami....shi-shing"

9 News reports that Youfoodz’s founder and fiancée have come under fire for mocking Asian people through Instagram stories

Jordana Stott, the fiancée of the Australian founder and CEO Lance Giles, uploaded the controversial videos through her Instagram page Film Fashion Wine.

In one clip, the video zooms in on an Asian couple who are watching a video about origami.

“Fucking origami mate, fucking origami,” a woman (presumed to be Scott) with an Australian accent is heard saying.

The other video is taken at the infinity pool in Singapore’s iconic Marina Bay Sands. A group of Asian people are shown in the pool posing for a photo when the same woman says, “fucking get the photo, oh fucking yeah shi-shing, yeah shi-shing.”

A man is also heard in the background making similar remarks.

Giles was due to speak at the Global Restaurant Leadership Conference hosted by Marina Bay Sands hotel.

He has since apologised via The Courier Mail, stating, “we deeply apologise or any offence this midjudgement has caused,” he said.