The former 2PM singer also owns two record labels

E! reports that Kpop star Jay Park is launching his own soju company.

Park is known for his achievements in the music industry. As well as being a member of popular K-pop group 2PM, Park is also the owner of record companies AOMG and H1gher Music.

Now, the 32-year-old entrepreneur will be launching a new soju company called ‘Won Soju’.

“It’s actually something we’re working on right now,” Park said. “It’ll be called Won Soju. The bottle will be clear with a white and light blue design.”

Park added that ‘Won’ signifies South Korea’s currency, victory, the number one and a “circle” in Korean.

“I don’t like to do anything just for the sake of money,” Park explained. “I like to do things that I care about and I know about.”

E! adds that soju commercials in South Korea traditionally feature female stars including Red Velvet’s Irene, Hyolyn, Suzy Bae and IU. Whilst Park Seo-Joon advertised for Chamiseul, it is rare for male models to promote drink.

Park is currently on his SEXY 4EVA World Tour in which he will perform in 32 cities across Asia, Europe and North America.

“Usually it wasn’t too hard for me to make music and be creative, but I think I was kind of burned out for a little bit,” Park said. “So my creative juices weren’t really flowing for a few months. But I’m getting out of that slump and revving things back up. An artist is an artist all the time, so it’s all about achieving that balance between your art and your reality.”