The conservative Canadian-American commentator said he would "honor" someone playing Mickey Rooney in 'Breakfast At Tiffany's'

Controversial conservative Canadian-American commentator Steven Crowder has taken to Twitter to mock Asian stereotypes.

Asking his followers to participate in a poll, Crowder tweeted “What’s your favorite Asian stereotype? #MugClub”. Crowder provided pollsters to choose an option between “Good At Math”, “Doctors”, “Small weiners” and “MSG”.

40% chose “Good At Math” but the most popular stereotype was “Small weiners,” which won 45% of the vote. “Doctors” and “MSG” won 8% and 7% of the vote respectively.

Other Twitter users responded to his poll by adding stereotypes. Twitter user Paul E Zimmerman added”gambling” whilst Vasilrae Teh Purp contributed “bad drivers”.

Corey Overton tweeted that Andrew Yang was his “favorite Asian stereotype”.

This is not the first time Crowder has insulted the Asian community. On his YouTube show Louder With Crowder, the former Fox News contributor was seen wearing an Asian conical hat as “me so sorry” is heard in an Asian accent. His co-host Jared Monroe was seen dressed as a geisha.

In another clip, Crowder shared footage of a man imitating Mickey Rooney’s racist character from Breakfast At Tiffany’s before saying, “playing Breakfast At Tiffany’s and Mickey Rooney  is that man’s legacy and I will honor it.”