The women were provided with free flight tickets

Korea Times reports that five men have been arrested for forcing seven Brazilian Kpop fans to become sex workers in Korea.

The five Korean men reached out through social media to seven Brazilian women aged 20-30 who were interested in Korean pop culture.

Provided with free roundtrip flight tickets, the women were convinced they would become models or entertainers in Korea.

However, after arriving in Gyeonggi-do province in mid-July, the women were sent to brothels for 2 million won ($1,650) per woman.

The women were told that they needed to pay off the cost of their flight and that they would be punished for prostitution if they contacted the police.

On 17 August the women contacted the local Brazilian embassy which engaged the police to rescue them.

Ilsan Dongbu Police said that the men had been arrested on suspicions of confinement, human trafficking and pimping.

The women are currently at a shelter for migrant women.