"I don't recommend you do this"

Reuters reports that a Thai firefighter was seen on camera catching a python with his bare hands.

Pinyo Pukpinyo, 50, was seen stealthily approaching a 16ft coiled python before quickly grabbing it with his bare hands.

The incredible footage was captured at night time at home in Bangkok by the family living in the house, who understandably kept a distance whilst filming.

“I need to remain steady and calm,” Pukpinyo said. “This snake is very strong. If I make a wrong move, I could get bitten because it has very sharp fangs.”

“I don’t recommend you do this because it’s dangerous,” he added.

Homeowner Janpen Jarudecha, 60, said “I’m really impressed with his skills, how he can catch a snake that long with his bare hands and fit it in such a small bag.”

Pukpinyo has caught around 10,000 snakes over 16 years. He receives over 3,000 calls a year at the fire station regarding help with snakes.

Each year Pukpinyo traps 800 snakes with 70% of them being pythons and the rest being cobras and venomous snakes.

The captured snakes are kept in cages at the fire station, where Pukpinyo looks after them.

“This job makes me feel like I’m a superhero,” he said. “I’m taking care of people who are in danger and in need of help, which makes me happy.”