The president also joked about kamikaze pilots

New York Post reports that President Trump used a fake Asian accent to mock South Korean President Moon Jae-in and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe.

The incident occurred when Trump was speaking at the Hamptons fundraiser hosted at the home of Miami Dolphins, SoulCycle and Equinox majority owner Stephen Ross.

Attendees of the event paid up to $100,000 for a picture and $250,000 to sit in a roundtable discussion. Proceeds went towards four more years of Trump as president.

Although celebrities including Chrissy Tiegen and Sophia Bush led a boycott of the event, Trump simply joked about the controversy and said at the fundraiser  “Steve Ross got into a little bit of trouble this week, I said, ‘Steve welcome to the world of politics!’”

When Trump went on to discuss US allies, he complimented South Korea’s TVs and economy. “So why are we paying for their defense?” He questioned. “They’ve got to pay.”

Trump then mimicked the South Korean president’s accent, saying how he caved under Trump’s negotiation prowess.

Speaking about North Korea leader Kim Jong Un, Trump discussed their positive relationship. “I just got a beautiful letter from [Un] this week,” Trump said.“We are friends. People say he only smiles when he sees me.”

“If I hadn’t been elected president we would be in a big fat juicy war with North Korea,“ he added.

Moving on to Japan, Trump mimicked a fake Japanese accent, imitating his conversations with Abe. The US president recounted how he had asked Abe if kamikaze pilots were drunk or on drugs.

When Abe replied that they were not and simply just loved their country, Trump responded, “Imagine they get in a plane with a half a tank of gas and fly into steel ships just for the love of their country!”

Earlier this year, Trump also used an Asian accent imitating Xi Jinping talking about how China deals with drugs.

In other news, Miss Michigan Trump supporter Kathy Zhu was recently dethroned for  her “racist” tweets.