"We no have paperwork or Jackie Chan film on plane"

SCMP reports that two Manchester City radio presenters have been sacked for making “racist” Jackie Chan jokes with Chinese accents.

Mike McClean and Nigel Clucas, hosts of  the ‘City sausage’ podcast, adopted a fictitious ‘Mr Wong’ persona during their podcast.

The pair were discussing the Premier League side’s late arrival during their their pre-season tour in China.

Playing the role of ‘Mr Wong’, McClean said: “‘you like Jackie Chan? Me (sic) like Jackie Chan! We no [sic] have paperwork or Jackie Chan film on plane. You need Jackie Chan film on plane.”

Manchester City immediately took action, releasing a statement that the hosts were to be sacked by the club.

“Upon being made aware of the podcast in question, Manchester City immediately began to examine the circumstances of its creation and publication,” the club statement read. “The presenters responsible for the podcast, made independently from the club, had been engaged by Manchester City to support match day events.”

“A decision has been made that they will no longer be retained by the club. The club has a zero-tolerance approach to discrimination of any kind and strongly condemns behaviour of this nature.”

In related news, Chan is reportedly in negotiations with Marvel to play Zheng Zu in Shang-Chi.

Mike McClean and Nigel Clucas (mikemcclean5/Twitter)