Lopez thought she had broken the 'Crazy Rich Asians' actress's nose

In an Access Hollywood interview, Jennifer Lopez revealed that she punched Constance Wu in the face during the filming for upcoming film Hustlers.

Lopez and Wu appeared with in a cast interview to promote the new film, which is out on 7 September.

Reflecting on their time shooting Hustlers, Lopez recalled how she almost broke the Crazy Rich Asians star’s nose.

“I knew she was a gangster when we were doing this scene,” Lopez said about Wu. “There’s a scene where I tell her to hang up the phone, and she won’t hang up the phone. And the first take… I did it and was like *pow* — and she started fighting more than me! She was really fighting! And the phone smacks her in the nose and cuts her nose open.”

“You were bleeding,” she said to the Fresh Off The Boat actress, who reassured her that she was fine.

“I was so nervous, I was like, ‘I broke her nose!’ I thought the were going to cancel the shoot date, and she was such a trouper,” JLo added. “I feel like we bonded in that moment. I had a respect for you.”

Hustlers, also starring Cardi B, centers on former strip club employees who band together to swindle their Wall Street clients during the financial crisis.

Wu had also found herself in controversy whilst filming after it was reported that she was a “difficult diva” on the film’s set. She later addressed and denied the claims.

In related news, Fresh Off The Boat is reportedly getting a spinoff but Wu is unlikely to feature in it.