Yang Yu's move is China's biggest animated film ever

THR reports that China’s summer blockbuster Ne Zha is getting a North American release.

Earning over $550 million, the movie is China’s biggest animated film ever and has had the fourth-biggest film release of all time. Analysts forecast the film to earn well over $600 million.

Well Go USA Entertainment has agreed to release the film in select3D Imax theaters across North America on 29 August with a nationwide release launching on 6 September.

Ne Zha is inspired by classical Chinese mythology, following an outcasted son of the gods who is destined by prophecy to bring destruction to the world. The film is loosely based on the Ming dynasty shenmo novel Fengshen Yanyi (Investiture of the Gods) by Xu Zhonglin.

Ne Zha is written and directed by Yang Yu and is produced by Produced by Beijing Enlight Pictures.

The film has been scored highly on Chinese review platforms including 9.7/10 on leading ticketing app Maoyan.