Chan will likely revisit the role of Minn-Evra

Harpers Bazaar reports that Crazy Rich Asians star Gemma Chan is rumoured to be joining Marvel’s The Eternals.

Chan perviously played Minn-Erva in Marvel’s 2019 film Captain Marvel starring Brie Larson.

“It was very different to any other job that I’ve done,” Chan said of the film. “I enjoyed the physical challenge of it. I had to train for it.”

Now, it has been rumoured that the British Chinese actress will join The Eternals – an upcoming Marvel film starring Angelina Jolie and Train To Busan star Ma Dong-seok. Beijing filmmaker Chloe Zhao will direct the film.

In April, it was announced that a gay Asian lead was being sought after for the film.

Although it has not been confirmed as to what role Chan would take on in The Eternals, it is likely she will once again play Minn-Evra in keeping to Marvel’s tradition of casting the same actor for the same character.

Based on the 1976 comic book series of the same name by Jack Kirby, the the film will focus on near-immortal super heroes known as Eternals. In the comics, Deviants created by cosmic beings called Celestials are their nemesis.

In related news, Chan recently discussed her writing credit on Channel 4’s new drama I Am Hannah.