"Don't waste food!"

SAYS reports that a new challenge is circulating involving people sticking bubble tea pearls up their nostrils.

Donned the ‘Boba Nostrils’ challenge, it is unknown who started the challenge or why the challenge has emerged.

Participants of the challenge shove the boba pearls up their nostrils and then take selfies with them. The “difficulty” lies in keeping the boba at the rim of the nostril without it falling out.

Images of people engaging in the challenge have surfaced online with commenters questioning the hygiene of the challenge and whether the participants eat the pearls after.

“Food is not for playing!” Said one commenter. Another was concerned for the participants’ safety, writing “it’s so dangerous!” Indeed, if a pearl gets stuck in the trachea, it could cause suffocation.

Others simply said it was a waste of food. “Don’t waste food!” Commented one person.