Jack Matthews' comments were about fellow contestant Isabella 'Bella' Wang who was then evicted

Yahoo reports that Big Brother contestant Jack Matthews has come under fire for his “racist” comments about Asian houseguest Isabella ‘Bella’ Wang.

Described as “the most hated contestant by viewers”, this is not Matthews’ first controversy. Earlier in the season, a petition was started to have him kicked off the show after he said he wanted to “stomp a mud hole through” contestant Kemi Fakunle’s chest.

Now, Matthews is being accused of racism for his comments towards Bella. Whilst talking about Bella behind her back, contestant Tommy Bracco said, “the proof is in the pudding”. Matthews then responded, “the rice pudding,” which spurred on laughter from the other contestants.

Social media users called him out for being a racist. “I’m sorry my first thought wouldn’t have been to say rice pudding,” tweeted one person. “It’s inherently racist coming from the mouth of a non Asian person.”

“I hope Julie tears Jack to shreds about his rice pudding comment because that’s just wrong. he said it was a joke but that’s not a damn joke, it’s pure racism,” said another.

“Does this jackass know that in many Asian countries, rice is the symbol of life,” one person said. “He is just so ignorant. I hope somehow Jack’s life in the BB House ends on Thursday. I know not likely but let’s hope.”

Bella and Matthews then faced each other in an eviction battle. Despite many efforts by social media users who called out for Matthews’ eviction, fans were outraged as Wang was evicted.

Matthews won the eviction vote 8 to 2, sending Bella home.

“These houseguest have said over and over that Jack is a bully yet all of them voted Bella out so they could stay in his graces. I might be to old to watch this show [sic],” wrote one person Twitter.

“Hated bella but everyone outside of 6shooters apparently can’t do simple math – they are going to pick you all off now [sic],” said another.