The child performer has 30 million subscribers

Korea Times reports that a Korean child YouTub star has just bought a building in Gangnam for W9.5 billion (USD$8.06 million).

Boram has over 30 million YouTube subscribers across two Korean channels – Boram Tube Vlog (17.5 million subscribers) and Boram Tube ToyReview (13.6 million subscribers).

Boram Tube ToyReview provides reviews of toys as well as footage of Boram playing with them.

Boram Tube Vlog revolves around Boram and her two relatives Ddochi and Konan, who perform challenges and engage in other activities such as shopping. The channel has over 5.7 billion views.

The six-year-old earns an estimated 3.7 billion won per month through her channels.

Boram’s new building is on 258.3 square meters of land in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam.