Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift have 10 nominations each

BBC reports that BTS fans are not happy that the Kpop group was nominated for so few MTV Video Awards.

The group’s 2019 track ‘Boy With Luv’ featuring Halsey is nominated in four categories: Best Collaboration, Best K-Pop, Best Art Direction and Best Choreography. Meanwhile, Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift have 10 nominations each.

BTS are also not in the running for Video of the Year, which is down to Billie Eilish, Lil Nas X, 21 Savage and the Jonas Brothers and Taylor Swift.

Lucy Ford, a reporter from Bauer media said the group had been “snubbed”.

I think they have been snubbed,” she said. “I think we still have a really narrow view on what constitutes a mainstream artist, which is dictated by chart success and radio play. What’s more mainstream nowadays is what people watch on the internet. If we measure that, BTS are arguably more successful than most of the artists nominated for a VMA.”

“Considering everything that video did, I don’t know what MTV are wanting,” she added. “What are the parameters if you’re not going to nominate the video that broke Youtube records?”

Fans of the South Korean band expressed their outrage through social media.

“Even as a non-kpop fan, BTS is probably the biggest group out right now and they were snubbed,” wrote one person on Twitter.

“3 number 1 albums in less than a year, top 10 song, sold out stadium tour, and third best selling pop artists of 2019 in the US,” wrote another. “Bts are one of the most impactful artists in the west rn but the vmas can’t handle the fact that they’re korean [sic]”

just because of the fact that bts is a korean band you didn’t give them the nominations for artist of the year/song of the year/video of the year and all the main categories even tho THEY BROKE ALL THE RECORDS. unfair and disgusting, “one fan added.

In other news, BTS was recently named in the Gold House A100 list of Most Influential Asians.