'You Are Invited!' is inspired by the DREAMers movement

Angel Halo Chang has created a new children’s book that promotes diversity and inclusion

Asian American author Angel Halo Chang has launched her new children’s book You Are Invited.

Inspired by the DREAMers movement, the Chang’s new book promotes diversity and creativity. It also protests against how the current administration handles immigration policies.

You Are Invited! is Chang’s second Kickstarter campaign since 2017, when she released four children’s books inspired by her own life experience.

Chang has already received 20% of the target of her Kickstarter, which began on 10 June.

The San Francisco based author believes that kids’ books are just as powerful as other media.

“It’s my hope that my new children’s book can help make an impact in the diversity and inclusion conversation,” Chang says. “I hope my role to bring representation as a children’s book author will give light to diverse book creators and inspire more people to tell a story.”