"You'll smell like a real lumberjack"

Old Spice’s new advert starring Simu Liu has surfaced online

Kim’s Convenience star Simu Liu has appeared in an advert for Old Spice.

Last week, we reported that the Chinese Canadian actor was set to be the male grooming company’s first Canadian ambassador.

On Twitter, Liu shared the advert with the caption,”Real freshness, forged from real sandalwood, crammed into 15 seconds. Enjoy. @OldSpice #LumberjackFresh #FresherCollection #SponsoredObviously TO ORDER: amzn.to/2VQUOU7″

In the ad, Liu is seen on a camping trip. Suddenly, he realises there is no wifi and it starts raining. “When mother nature gets fresh with you, get fresh back,” the voiceover says.

“Use Old Spice Timber Body Wash and Aluminium Free Deodorant made with real sandalwood,” the voice over continues as the viewers are treated to a clip of a topless Liu.

“So you’ll smell like a real lumberjack,” the voice over says as Liu wields an axe.

In other news, Liu recently featured alongside his Kim’s Convenience costars in a discussion panel about Asian American representation.