"It was just horrible. It didn’t last long. It was clumsy"

Always Be My Maybe’s car sex scene was based on Randall Park’s first time

A few weeks ago, we were treated to the first trailer of Always Be My Maybe  – an upcoming romcom starring Randall Park and Ali Wong.

The plot follows Sasha (Wong), a celebrity chef in San Francisco and Marcus, a struggling musician named Marcus (Park) who lives at home working for his father. Sasha and Marcus, who were once childhood sweethearts, run into each other after 15 years of not speaking to each other.

At one point in the trailer, the audience is shown a flash back to 2003 when a young Marcus and young Sasha have sex in Marcus’s car.

Later in the trailer, the pair reflect on the moment when Sasha says, “it might be even smaller and grosser than I remember.” Marcus hilariously replies, “you better still be talking about my back seat!”

In an interview with Vulture, Park revealed that the scene was actually based on his first time.

Park recalled how in 1993, he was at his first year at UCLA when him and his high-school girlfriend decided to lose their virginities at the back of his Corolla in a parking lot.

“I have letters that we sent to each other building it up, like, ‘This is gonna be so special, and it’s gonna be great,’ ” he says. “And it was just horrible. It didn’t last long. It was clumsy. I remember afterward thinking, It was supposed to be so much more than that.”

Park went on to say that they went to McDonald’s immediately after. “We went to McDonald’s, and the moment that I remember is us just standing there, staring at the menu, and me feeling, Oh my God, I’m a piece of shit.”

Always Be My Maybe will be available on Netflix on 31 May.